Mexico’s president blames U.S. fentanyl disaster on “lack of love, of brotherhood, of hugs”

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Mexico’s president mentioned Friday that U.S. households have been in charge for the fentanyl overdose disaster as a result of they do not hug their children sufficient.

The remark by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador caps a week of provocative statements from him in regards to the disaster attributable to the fentanyl, an artificial opioid trafficked by Mexican cartels that has been blamed for about 70,000 overdose deaths per yr within the United States.

López Obrador mentioned household values have damaged down within the United States, as a result of mother and father do not let their youngsters stay at house lengthy sufficient. He has additionally denied that Mexico produces fentanyl.

On Friday, the Mexican president advised a morning information briefing that the issue was attributable to an absence “of hugs, of embraces.”

“There is a lot of disintegration of families, there is a lot of individualism, there is a lack of love, of brotherhood, of hugs and embraces,” López Obrador mentioned of the U.S. disaster. “That is why they (U.S. officials) should be dedicating funds to address the causes.”

López Obrador has repeatedly mentioned that Mexico’s close-knit household values are what have saved it from the wave of fentanyl overdoses. Experts say that Mexican cartels are making a lot cash now from the U.S. market that they see no have to promote fentanyl of their house market.


Cartels steadily promote methamphetamines in Mexico, the place the drug is extra standard as a result of it purportedly helps folks work tougher.

López Obrador has been stung by calls within the United States to designate Mexican drug gangs as terrorist organizations. Some Republicans have mentioned they favor utilizing the U.S. army to crack down on the Mexican cartels.

On Wednesday, López Obrador known as anti-drug insurance policies within the U.S. a failure and proposed a ban in each international locations on utilizing fentanyl in drugs – though little of the drug crosses from hospitals into the unlawful market.

U.S. authorities estimate that almost all unlawful fentanyl is produced in clandestine Mexican labs utilizing Chinese precursor chemical compounds. Relatively little of the unlawful market comes from diverting medicinal fentanyl used as anesthesia in surgical procedures and different procedures.

There have been solely scattered and remoted studies of glass flasks of medicinal fentanyl making it to the unlawful market. Most unlawful fentanyl is pressed by Mexican cartels into counterfeit tablets made to seem like different medicines like Xanax, oxycodone or Percocet.

Mexico’s Defense Department mentioned Tuesday that troopers discovered greater than 1.83 million fentanyl tablets

at a stash home within the border metropolis of Tijuana.

That raid got here simply weeks after Mexican troopers seized practically 630,000 fentanyl tablets in Culiacan, the capital of the northern state of Sinaloa. Sinaloa is house to the drug cartel of the identical identify.

Mexican cartels have used the border metropolis to press fentanyl into counterfeit tablets. They then smuggle these tablets into the United States.

The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration advised CBS News that the Jalisco and Sinaloa cartels are the 2 Mexican cartels behind the inflow of fentanyl into the U.S. that is killing tens of 1000’s of Americans.

Developed for ache administration therapy of most cancers sufferers, fentanyl is as much as 100 occasions stronger than morphine, in accordance with the DEA. The potent drug was behind roughly 66% of the 107,622 drug overdose deaths between December 2020 and December 2021, according to

 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And since 2018, fentanyl-laced tablet seizures by legislation enforcement has elevated practically 50-fold.

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