Blinken warns Chinese international minister balloon incursion

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Saturday at a world safety convention in Munich, marking the primary high-level contact between the U.S. and China because the U.S. shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon two weeks in the past. 

In their hourlong assembly, Blinken informed Wang that Beijing’s surveillance program had been “exposed to the world.”

“I condemned the incursion of the PRC surveillance balloon and stressed it must never happen again,” Blinken stated in a tweet, referring to the People’s Republic of China.

State Department spokesman Ned Price stated in an announcement that Blinken “made clear the United States will not stand for any violation of our sovereignty, and that the PRC’s high-altitude surveillance balloon program — which has intruded into the airspace of over 40 countries across five continents — has been exposed to the world,” Price stated.

Blinken canceled a visit to Beijing earlier this month due to the balloon incident, which has turn into a serious difficulty of rivalry between the 2 international locations. A gathering on the convention in Germany had been extensively anticipated.

Blinken additionally informed Wang that the U.S. doesn’t search battle with China, repeating an ordinary speaking level that the Biden administration has offered because it has come into workplace.

“The United States will compete and will unapologetically stand up for our values and interests, but that we do not want conflict with the PRC and are not looking for a new Cold War,” Price stated. Blinken “underscored the importance of maintaining diplomatic dialogue and open lines of communication at all times.”


In addition to the balloon incident, Price stated Blinken had reiterated a warning to China on offering help to Russia to assist with its battle towards Ukraine, together with aiding Moscow with evading sanctions the West has imposed on Russia.

“I warned China against providing materiel support to Russia,” Blinken stated in his tweet. “I also emphasized the importance of keeping open lines of communication.”

Earlier Saturday, Wang had reiterated Beijing’s criticism of the United States for capturing down the balloon, arguing that the transfer didn’t present U.S. energy.

Beijing insists the white orb shot down off the Carolina coast on Feb. 4 was simply an errant civilian airship used primarily for meteorological analysis that went off track as a consequence of winds and had solely restricted “self-steering” capabilities. But U.S. officers stated that the balloon had tools that was “clearly for intelligence surveillance,” together with “multiple antennas” that had been “likely capable of collecting and geo-locating communications,” in line with an announcement by a senior State Department official

Wang, the director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, repeated the declare in a speech on the convention and accused the U.S. of violating worldwide authorized norms in destroying the article with a missile fired from an U.S. fighter jet.


“The actions don’t show that the U.S. is big and strong, but describe the exact opposite,” Wang stated.

Wang additionally accused the U.S. of denying China’s financial advances and in search of to impede its additional growth.

“What we hope for from the U.S. is a pragmatic and positive approach to China that allows us to work together,” Wang stated.

His feedback got here shortly earlier than an tackle to the convention by Vice President Kamala Harris, who did not point out the balloon controversy or reply to Wang’s feedback. She burdened the significance of upholding the “international rules-based order.”

She stated Washington is “troubled that Beijing has deepened its relationship with Moscow since the war began” in Ukraine and that “looking ahead, any steps by China to provide lethal support to Russia would only reward aggression, continue the killing and further undermine a rules-based order.”


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